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Friday, October 26, 2012


***DISCLAIMER: The names used in this post are utterly fictitious and have no relation whatsoever to anyone you might know with the same…save for one, I won’t tell you which. ***

There is this one girl in my class whose attention I’ve been working hard to try and seize for quite some time now but it’s been futile so far. That girl? That girl is gorgeous, and her smile is charming! Then there’s her hair. Oh don’t get me started on her beautiful dark hair! She does this thing to her hair, intricately weaving a little bit of it and letting the rest droop to her side complementing her fair skin making anyone who steals a glance instantly aware of her pretty and gleaming eyes. Becky is the perfect picture of perfection!  Aaaah, what I’d give to have her as my girlfriend. Then there’s Charlily. Wow, you should see Charlily. She has this aura of nonchalance around her which tugs my heartstrings. I bet I’d be the happiest guy on earth with her. But maybe Anna would be better. She’s sweet, and there’s that one time we talked and I felt like we kind of had something going…

All around us there is a massive craving for love, either to have someone love us or to have someone to get all Romeo on. It is very apparent among our young people and this longing has transformed into an addiction of sorts. A slew of fraught singles hop into the relationship wagon daily only to end up hurt and broken with bitterness being harbored as a result of disastrous relationships. Love has become such an obsession with us that we are willing to offer an arm and leg just to experience the rush of adrenaline and bubbly feeling that comes with love. This wave has led to many covenants (Yes, covenants! God sees a relationship as a covenant) being formed and broken faster than our M.P.’s decisions to implement bills to have them obtain remarkable send off packages, without any eyelids being raised with many of us engaging in binding activities as we seek to gratify our hankerings.

It seems single-hood has become such a dreaded infirmity from which everyone wants to scuttle away from. Not a single soul do I know of that wants to be on their own forever. Me neither! Forever alone makes me cringe just thinking about it, but rushing into cheap thrills and spending our lives yearning for affection with every bend we turn would not be the best way to go around this issue. We might end up scaring ourselves or worse still, sullying our lives with the awful choices we might make.

Relationships are a swell thing by the way. I’ve experienced the bliss that accompanies the love package and I tell you it can feel great! But if the whole thing is not aligned to God’s will I promise you it’s a house of cards right in the thick of a terrible gale! God is supposed to be the central pillar of each of our lives and without His involvement we are bound to fail. If God has no plans for you with the person you deem fit for you, I swear NOTHING you do can stand in God’s way to wipe out what you believe you have, and I would encourage us to trust God to reveal to us the plans He has over our future.

***Jeremiah 29:11***
For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Not all relationships gotten into are wrong I have to say, but the way we handle our relationships can at times be clearly against the expectations of God. We live in an age where the human race has more freedom to express themselves than ever before with laws allowing what once was considered insane getting passed everyday. A kiss, once the equivalent of walking into a church naked as I grew up, is now being seen as requisite for any ‘decent’ relationship. This ‘freedom’ has seeped into our relationships with many of us getting tangled in complex situations with the ones we love consequently making God angry.

We validate most of our actions with assertions of ‘everybody is doing it’ but what we see as norm is actually sin before God. Sexual sin has rooted itself deeply in our lives and sadly most of us get trapped while we quest for love and relationships. We should involve Christ in our relationships for those of us in one because Christ is the one who maintains the sense in them, for once the common sense is driven out and lustful desires kick in, we end up seeing boundaries being shifted and often justifying the resulting actions follows.

Ephesians 5:25 tells us about Christ’s love for the church. Jesus loved the church so much and the way he chose to express this was to die so as to make her clean and holy. He wanted to give the church to himself but he wanted her glorious, without a single spot, wrinkle or blemish. That is how we should take the relationships we get into. A high standard of purity is expected of us and we all know God’s stance on purity. Not even a look of lust, Christ says. So we should refrain from any forms of impurity and guard our hearts against the doctrines that come up seeking to go against God’s commandments. It is often quite difficult to salvage a relationship once a cycle of sexual sin kicks in with it coming to an end being definite. And I've been thinking, if a lustful glance is just enough to send you to hell, how about that innocent kiss or cuddle we share rather frequently these days?

For us who love seems to know what route we usually take and runs off to another one far away, we have to learn to wait on the Lord. This statement has gotten so cliché I know, but God instructs us to do so, and waiting on him has never resulted in failure, you can ask King David.

***Psalms 37:4***
Be delighted with the Lord. Then he will give you ALL your hearts desires.

It’s so simple! Just get happy or pleased or contented with God and an assurance follows, He WILL give ALL the desires of your heart. I don’t know about your heart or desires but for me man, for starters I’d love to have exceptional grades in school then graduate with top honors and further my education then probably land a lucrative job with an incredible pay and then settle down with a hot wife and have two kids, probably girls, and buy a sleek BMW to drive myself around in and had I mentioned the hot wife? God wants to bequeath us with all that and much more, but he asks of only one simple thing from us – for us to delight in him.

Single-hood is no easy feat, I know. The fears and worries creep in every now and then with pictures of a bearded, gray haired man sitted in a house all alone filtering in at times. Most of my friends are in relationships and it gets pretty awkward and frustrating at times with the only times I receive a text with the three magic words being when I receive the daily spiritual texts from the SMS service I’m subscribed to, kinda like “I love you…says the Lord.” It sucks at times I know but it is the honest truth. God loves me and you too.  Don’t worry, God knows your wishes. Trust in him and he will reward you. He says that himself and he also adds that he gives far better gifts than those our dads give. Love from Jean, Stan and Wendy feels wonderful. So does that from Josh, Marie, Chloe or even Jack Kahuna Laguna. But that from the one who is love himself…it’s a whole different experience.

“Why are you looking for love, why are you still searching, as if I’m not enough? To where will you go child, to where will you run, to where will you run.”
                                                -Tenth Avenue North, By your side.


  1. It's ever so nice to read about something you can relate to! cheerz mate.. I was touched!

    1. n I'm very glad someone can relate to this :-)